• Via decima Strada, 3, 36071 Arzignano VI
  • 0444-673712
  • Stefano Chilese
  • www.cgmitalia.it
  • stefano.chilese@cgmitalia.it

The company, C.G.M. Gruppi Elettrogeni srl, was founded in 1980 in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, to design, build and assist in the operation and maintenance of various models of generating set. For years we export all over Italy and in the rest of the world; our attention is always focused on customer needs. Our products, from 50 Hz and 60 Hz, are divided into a wide range of generator models from 1 to 3000 KVA, with petrol and diesel engines. We boast 51 official distributors, over 5,500 customers, design and production completely internal and “made in Italy”.

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