• Via Roma, 20-36051 Creazzo, Vicenza - ITALY
  • 0444 396111
  • Mario Roberto Carraro
  • www.meccalte.com
  • mario.carraro@meccalte.it

The company, founded by Mario Carraro, began its activies in 1947 as an electric motor repair shop, to which it added the production of small electric motors.
Production of the first alternators began in the late 1950s and in the early 1970s the company specialised in this type of product and at the same time expanding its market first in Italy and then abroad.
During the 1980s the first sales and service branches were opened in France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA and Singapore until production stabilised at the level of 1600 alternators per day.
Today Mecc Alte has nine production plants, each one specialised in a different sector: Mecc Alte SpA headquarters in Creazzo (province of Vicenza) Mecc Alte Power Products in Montecchio Maggiore (province of Vicenza), Zanardi in Altavilla Vicentina (province of Vicenza), Mecc Alte Portable in Soave (province of VErona), Veco in Bevilacqua (province of Verona), Mecc Alte UK in Oakham (Great Britain), Mecc Alte France in Saint Amant de Boixe (France), Mecc Alte China in Nantong (China), Mecc Alte India in Pune (India) and a sales network with offices in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and USA specialising in sales, distribution and after-sales on site of all Mecc Alte products.

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